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Red Culture

    In the modern times, the Yanzhao children with the whole nation wrote a deserving singing New Democratic Revolution epic whose content are anti-imperialist, anti-feudalism, anti-capitalism. “Yihetuan” movement initiated by Wei County, Hebei, in 1900, then affected all nation rapidly. It attacked the imperialism and the Qing Dynasty reactionary forces strongly. The Great Revolution time, Li Dazhao as the first group of Communist, sacrificed his oneself precious life for people's revolutionary business. The Anti-Japanese War time, the Hebei earth was the main battlefield oppugning-Japanese. The Chinese people attacked the Japanese invader powerfully using the tunnel warfare, the mine warfare, and the plain guerrilla warfare. “The hundred-regiment-campaign” occurring in Hebei once make the Japanese invader become terror-stricken at the news. In the fight in mountain Langya, Yixian county, the five heroes of the Eighth Route Army who resisted Japanese army, wrote a grand poem with the blood and the lives, which are called “the Langya five brave soldiers” by people. In China internationalism soldier Bethune's major activities occured in Hebei, finally died in Tang County, Hebei. In the Liberation War time, the Central Party Committee directed “three great campaigns” which shocked China and the world in Xibaipo Pingshan County Hebei, played a bugle liberating the entire China, and held the famous “the seven sessions the second CCP plenary conferences”. Xibaipo——“new China comes from here”. 
??The red culture is the Hebei traveling culture's hotspot, and the red traveling is an important constituent of Hebei travels, and the red scenic spot is the tourist scenery area collecting the mountains and rivers' scenery and the red traditional education. In here, you may experience Hebei's revolutionary tradition and the humanities spirit profoundly.

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